Following our visit to Klui in 2018, we had another idea…


The village had a small building that was originally built for community meetings which was no longer in use.


Together with Patock Pathurrahman, a leader amongst his peers, we decided that this could be an opportunity to establish a learning centre.


Patock and his wife Ony are passionate about teaching. Their dream was to one day have a small learning centre where they could share their knowledge with their community.


The idea was discussed, presented to the village elders and approved to go ahead. Once a decision was made things happened quite quickly and before we knew it, Patock and his crew were transforming the building into the “Klui Village Learning Centre”.


The learning centre will initially be open to all ages and teach English, community culture through music and dance, simple environmental studies and more. Luckily, the 2018 earthquakes spared our building.


The Klui Village Learning Centre will officially open in August 2018.

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