During one of our visits to Lombok we heard about an underprivileged school in Malibu, Lombok that was soon to be relocated due to a large hotel development in its vicinity.


Malimbu, apparently taking its name with a slight twist from the famous “Malibu”, is a stunning beachside area destined for tourism.


Though this school was in desperate need of renovation, we felt that due to the imminent relocation, the best way to help make a difference would be through Sport Support. We had soccer goals and basketball frames built by the locals and provided a wide variety of sporting equipment such as Soccer balls, basketballs, hula hoops, badminton sets and more.

In 2017, whist in Lombok, we were approached by a Dutch tour guide who had heard of our project. We took his tour group, which happened to be teachers from Holland and Germany to the school in Malimbu for a visit. The kids loved interacting with the visitors and vice versa.


We will continue to work with this school and provide educational supplies and assistance once the school is relocated.

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